Long before having the advantage of medicinal advice via a local Doctor, elders in rural villages would be consulted for treatment of various conditions which ranged from pre-childbirth diet regimes to aid a healthy birth, cough & colds, to skin care and beauty tips among the women.

However, they were restricted to the herbs, minerals and foods that were available to them locally or via a “Hakeem” (herbalist) who would travel village-to-village promoting the benefits of the specialist herbs and offering readymade remedies. This knowledge is now brought directly to you by Fakraaj Herbals via our range of natural products.

Created with premium quality and ethically sourced ingredients, Fakraaj Herbals (FH) offers you the benefit of a number of natural and herbal product ranges, which are exactly what you need to support your healthy, active lifestyle without compromising the benefits of real natural foods.

FH is well positioned in providing truly natural alternatives to the clinically derived drugs and vitamin-based food supplements currently on the market. We only use premium quality ingredients and create 100% natural products to bring you the benefits of our traditional and unique family remedies.

FH offers products that have been handed down over centuries and have passed the test of time. This is why you will see our Herbal Glo range being recommended by the world renowned Harley Street and Wimpole Street Doctors, Dermatologists and Aestheticians who consult the rich and famous.

All our products are sourced from the whole plants,we refuse to use synthetic ingredients. Thus, giving you the full complex of the plants and minerals for longer lasting health benefits.


We are committed to bringing you the very best of our knowledge via our products without compromising on quality and effectiveness of the ingredients....

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Natural and Nutritional

Made with premium quality ingredients, which have been sourced ethically, Fakraaj Herbals offers you the benefits of the natural and herbal product...

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Ask Aunty Fakraaj (Clinic)

If you have not found what you are looking for or just have a very specific problem then why not email us. If it is something that we have a remedy...

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