Question: Does Herbal Glo work for all skin types?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can Herbal Glo be sprinkled on food such as cereals?
Answer: Yes. However, it is recommended that Herbal Glo be take on an empty stomach to allow the nutrients to be absorbed. Preferably at least 20 minutes before food.

Question: Is Herbal Glo effective while using anti-biotics or other medication?
Answer: For best results it is recommended that you finish your course of medication and then start Herbal Glo.

Question: How long does it take to see the benefits of Herbal Glo?
Answer: To experience the full benefits of Herbal Glo we recommend you complete a 3 to 6 months course. However most people see the benefits within 2 weeks.

Questions: Can I eat Herbal Glo in free form by removing from the capsules?
Answer: Yes. In fact Herbal Glo has traditional been eaten in free form with a glass of water. In some cases when higher dosages are required free form powder is the best way.

Question: Is Herbal Glo safe for children?
Answer: Yes. Herbal Glo was traditional given to all in the family from the young to the elders alike. The youngest child to benefit from Herbal Glo was 2 years old. Because Herbal Glo is a food supplement and made with 100% natural herbs and minerals all the ingredients are classed as foods. If you would like to ask a question specifically about your child then please feel free to email us info@fherbals.com

Question: I am not sleeping well at night since I have been taking Herbal Glo. Is this a symptom of the detox that I am under going?
Answer: Yes. It is not unusual to experience sleep deprivation while taking Herbal Glo. However, If you are taking Herbal Glo before you sleep or late at night then you may wish to take Herbal Glo in the mornings before breakfast.

Question: I feel more energetic after taking Herbal Glo. Does Herbal Glo contain caffeine, sugar or anything similar?
Answer: No.

Question: I am sweating during the night, is this normal after taking Herbal Glo?
Answer: This is a symptom of a detox. The symptom is short lived but a clear indication the body is detoxifying.

Question: I experienced Diarrhea for a couple of days. Is this normal?
Answer: Yes. This is the result of the detox. It is rare but a good indication that a detox has taken place.

Question: Hair loss started again after I stopped Herbal Glo. Why is this?
Answer:This is because the body is once again being loaded up with toxins or hormonal imbalance is occurring all of which could be for a number of reasons. The best way to prevent hair loss is to continue using Herbal Glo for continued benefits and prevention

Question: Will Hum Yums help with my back pains?
Answer: Hum Yums is a traditional sub-indian snack which was originally given to men and women alike to strengthen they bones and joints. It provides your body with the energy and support for a healthier back.

Question: Can I warm up the Chickpea Hum Yums?
Answer: Yes. In fact that is the perfect option for a cold day. It makes it a lovely warm snack. Place your Chickpea Hum Yums in a microwavable container or plate and warm up for around 15 seconds (or until it sizzles) and enjoy with a spoon.

Question: Can I enjoy Hum Yums while I am pregnant or even once I have given birth?
Answer: Yes. In fact that is what Hum Yums was originally made for. It was given to pregnant and nurturing mother to help strengthen their bones, increase strength, promote blood flow and induce a pleasant warming effect.