Paula Hall
October 22, 2014
I have been using Herbal Glo now for 2 months and am amazed at the improvement it has made to my psoriasis. I have suffered from this condition since my teenage years and have tried various creams / lotions / treatments on the market to no avail. I have been prescribed topical lotions and cream from the GP and although they relive the itching it was only temporary relive. Within 2 weeks of using Herbal Glo I started to notice the itching got less and now it is at a point that it has stopped. My psoriasis has cleared up beyond all recognition, I am truly amazed and I will continue using it as it is the only thing I can truly say works for my condition!


Antoinette Guest
Sep 22, 2014
Just wanted to comment on my experience using Herbal Glo for 1 month. Skin-wise I haven't experienced any changes but that's fine as I wasn't having any skin related issues. What I did notice was a big reduction in menstrual cramping pain, this is amazing as I have had to take more than 3000mg of paracetemol per cycle in the past. The last two cycles I've taken only 1000mg. Also I immediately started having daily bowel movements which is also great! Some days I have even had 2! Thanks!


Jean Morris, London
“As a nurse I tried everything until I was introduced to Herbal Glo. Within a week I noticed the bumps under my skin had disappeared and my spots have started to clear away”


Lotoya Dare, Birmingham
“I have personally benefitted from taking Herbal Glo. Within a week and a half I found not only had it helped clear away my spots it had also stopped breakouts from occurring during my periods”


Nooruz, Milton Keynes
“Herbalglo has helped me so much in the past month! All the scars that have been marked on my body for years have finally disappeared in just a month’s suppply! 100% natural and effective :)”


Sanna, North Yorkshire
“I have healthier looking skin….. I was confident having HerbalGlo. I now recommend HerbalGlo to all my family and friends.”


Dharmishta, London
"This product is worth a go even for a healthy glow which is what I used this product for. I have recommended this product to my family."


Charlotte, London
“I tried Herbal Glo and with my first bottle I noticed an instant difference. It’s a bonus as it works from the inside out and supplements your body and health on the whole. With my face the red spots were reduced and the irritation wasn’t there. Great product. I recommend it.”